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Alex, aka the Jane in A Jane of All Trades, is a creative and versatile designer/manager with over seven years of experience in areas including; video and print media design, graphic design, marketing, user experience, research, data visualization and project management.


After graduating Carnegie Mellon University in 2018 with degrees in Video Media Design and Literacy, she entered the professional world a self-labeled "interaction" designer;  working at the intersection between data and art, helping to build solid connections between content and consumers. Since forming A Jane of All Trades Alex has worked and collaborated in several corporate, virtual, museum, theater and installation spaces. 

Her production at university, alongside accomplishments as a freelancer and business owner have contributed greatly to a thirst for new experiences and challenges in her work. Alex welcomes any and all opportunities for design,  outreach and/or collaborative exploration.

Please visit the {work} page to tour Alex's past projects. Feel to start a conversation by {contacting} her below.

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