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//Graphics and Design

Here you will find samples of work created in collaboration with administrators, assistants and other marketers to plan, design and implement the B2C and B2B campaigns of various products, services and initiatives.

Like all successful marketing campaigns, each asset has gone through a process of research, development, testing and post analysis to ensure the highest ROI on spend. This included quality markers such as engagement, CTR, sales, and direct consumer response.

All assets were created using the Adobe Suite family of products.

//Creative Coding and Video

The following works contain examples of video production, editing and formatting for distribution done individually and collaboratively with marketing teams. This included audio recording and editing, graphics, transitions and platform specific framing.

All works done using the Adobe Suite family of programs.

//Stage and Photography

Designer and content creator: Brought To You by NEW Kepsi, Ragtime, Exploded Ensemble, Songs in the Key of What, An Installation for Colored Girls, Gulf.

Engineer: Off Broadway Awards - Millumin (2018), Exploded Ensemble, How to Put on a Sock, Body Drift, Songs in the Key of What, Stumpy Legs.

Stage handing including the installation and calibration of video walls and projectors, system cabling and power, minor Electrician work, and minor rigging.

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